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wrbbz stands for White Rabbit Arsenii Zorin.


To be honest, there isn't much of a story about it.

As a nickname reference, I took The White Rabbit character from Misfits series (Season 4, Episode 6).


"Yeah, but why?"

This character, at the time, struck me as very stylish and with an unusual origin story. And I decided that I wanted White Rabbit as a nickname.

I've used it in different games and platforms. Unfortunately for me, White Rabbit is a very common nickname. Thanks to old man Carroll and that no-name chic from Matrix.

Because of that, during my registration on different platforms, I have seen an error like: This username is taken. Try another one. Once, to get around the restrictions, I choose username: FFFFFFRabbit. It was nice, however, it was long and difficult. I've came up with a trivial idea - add initials at the end - WhiteRabbitAZ. It was easier than FFFFFFRabbit. Nevertheless, it is still somewhat long and I would like something more compact. Thus, I've decided to drop all the vowels - WhRbbtz - and simplify a little bit.

And so, wrbbz was born.